Five most recent posts (31st of July 2015)

Wrinkles in graphene on iridium: The paper published in July reports observation of wrinkle formation in a graphene layer on iridium substrate.

Proteins in adenovirus: Our paper attempts to answer these questions by studying the cryo-electron tomograms which were analyzed so to extract the three-dimensional positions of "specks" which were identified with condensation proteins (adenosomes).

Ejecting phage DNA: In a paper recently published, Ejecting Phage DNA against Cellular Turgor Pressure, Sanjin Marion, a PhD candidate who works on his PhD thesis with me, and I investigated mechanics and thermodynamics of DNA ejection from bacteriophages to bacteria.

Finite-size ions in PB approach: Sometimes, the only "illustration" a paper needs is mathematics.

Soft disks in contact: Many physicists think that the theory of elasticity is a completely closed area of research, something which has been long ago researched in detail, something which was last time taken seriously by Hertz. This is, of course, completely wrong.

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